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The mole in your kitchen

Dienstag, 15.06.2021

Look who is listening...

It sounds quite handy what the future holds: robots in our homes give us a hand with the household, are used as resilient care assistants or even cheer us up when we are down. Like a “family member” the robot, i.e. the artificial intelligence in it, learns a lot about us and the ones staying with us. Would you be aware that the AI could thereby be able to create a profile with the most sensitive data: physical and mental states, relationships, sexual orientations, etc. What threats does this pose to our private lives and what are the legal issues raised?

Find out more at INDI’s Digitalisation and Cybersecurity presentations. A programme packed with exciting topics expects you at our first Day of Interdisciplinary Research (INDI). The Faculty of Law has invited scholars from all disciplines to present their insights and views on three central aspects:

- Digitalisation and Cybersecurity

- Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Driving

- Climate Change

Click here for more information on INDI 2021 and join us for a trip to tomorrow’s world.

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