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Interdisciplinary research bears the promise to promote understanding and to find solutions for complex problems affecting humanity today: Current global challenges, such as climate change, digitalisation and artificial intelligence require joint efforts across all disciplines to reap the benefits of research and technological progress without losing sight of the achievements our societies have fought for so hard.

While for researchers, interdisciplinary work means moving towards a broader perspective, breaking down the entrenched boundaries between disciplines and adopting an open view proves to be demanding. Challenges range from developing a common vocabulary and understanding between disciplines to finding suitable methods for interdisciplinary work. Anyone leaving the safe haven of his or her field of expertise to embark on the troubled waters of interdisciplinary research needs a solid vessel and the willingness to leave many things taken for granted behind.

REWI Graz, the Faculty of Law at the University of Graz has a long-standing tradition of encouraging interdisciplinary research among its members. Still, notwithstanding this approach, the faculty is eager to listen to others, to learn from their experiences and to provide fora that allow academics and practitioners from different countries and different traditions to meet and to exchange their views. Thus, on 18th June 2021 REWI Graz will open its doors to researchers from all over the world to discuss the common challenges of interdisciplinary research, with a special focus on climate change, artificial intelligence and autonomous driving, and digitalisation and cybersecurity.


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