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Sue the polluters

Montag, 14.06.2021

Holding carbon emitters responsible for private losses caused by climate change. Learn more @ INDI 2021 on 18 June

Landslides, floodings, droughts – private individuals are suffering losses caused by events triggered through climate change. Would tort law offer a way to hold big carbon emitters responsible for these losses? A causal link between emissions and specific damage seems to be hard to establish. However, latest modelling techniques and science have made tremendous advances that would allow linking emissions from specific polluters to particular harms. A fascinating approach or a step too far?

Find out more on 18 June at INDI’s Climate Change presentations. A programme packed with exciting topics expects you at our first Day of Interdisciplinary Research (INDI). The Faculty of Law has invited scholars from all disciplines to present their insights and views on three central aspects:

- Climate Change

- Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Driving

- Digitalisation and Cybersecurity

Click here for more information on INDI 2021 and join us for a trip to tomorrow’s world.

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