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On autopilot

Donnerstag, 10.06.2021

Is our law ready for self-driving cars?

The development of self-driving cars is advancing at an ever faster pace. But, can our law keep up with this speed and is it prepared for vehicles that navigate autonomously through crowded streets and take their own decisions? Let’s suppose an accident is caused while the car is on autopilot. Does our law have the answer who is to be held liable for the damage? What if hackers enter the artificial intelligence (AI) system in the car and make it accelerate when approaching red traffic lights instead of stop – do we have the legal measures necessary to ensure these cybersecurity risks are mitigated?

Find out more on 18 June at INDI’s AI and Autonomous Driving presentations. A programme packed with exciting topics expects you at our first Day of Interdisciplinary Research (INDI). The Faculty of Law has invited scholars from all disciplines to present their insights and views on three central aspects:

- Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Driving

- Climate Change

- Digitalisation and Cybersecurity

Click here for more information on INDI 2021 and join us for a trip to tomorrow’s world.

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