Rethinking European uneven development: COVID-19 and beyond

Workshop: Rethinking European uneven development: COVID-19 and beyond

08:30 - 17:00
[0111020110] HS 111.21, Beethovenstraße 8, 2.Obergeschoß

With the outbreak of the pandemic, the question of European uneven development,
governance structures and policy-making has come once again to the forefront of public debates. It has become clear that the post-crisis European governance structures have only partially succeeded to address and resolve the problem of uneven development.
What is more, in the last years the diverging socio-economic trends in Europe have
acquired important geopolitical dimensions, rising contestation from bellow and from.
This workshop seeks to advance new methodological and conceptual horizons to
study uneven, multi-scalar and multi-territorial pathways of contemporary social
transformations, at the European level and beyond. Which social dynamics already
occurring before the outbreak of the COVID-19 have been intensified, accelerated and made more visible since then and which remained rather inoperative or are about to simply disappear? These are the questions that will guide the multidisciplinary debate that this workshop is proposing.

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