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Scholar of the Month

Mittwoch, 27.10.2021

Jürgen Pirker (Institute of Public Law and Political Science, Institute of the Foundations of Law

Democracy depends on diversity and the balance of interests. Law can ensure social cohesion by constantly renegotiating the rules on diversity to ensure peace. Law can construct and deconstruct diversity and, through suitable, flexible instruments, facilitate conflict resolution. Thus, it is important to learn from the past, to consider the political and social context and thus to continuously develop the instruments further.

Our Scholar of the Month, Jürgen Pirker, looks into the question of how we regulate Diversity. In his research the REWI professor further addresses the aspect of global challenges: Identity politics, polarisation, new and old nationalism are (re)emerging worldwide and threatening the rule of law and liberal democracy. Law aims to balance interests of individuals and groups. It regulates the diversity of identities determined by personal characteristics and group affiliations.

What makes his approach special? Find out more in a short clip.  How do we regulate diversity? What global challenge could this research solve? Learn more in Jürgen Pirker´s sedcard.

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