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Working Paper Series

About the Series

The Graz Law Working Paper Series was launched in the autumn of 2020. Its aim is to showcase the breadth and quality of legal research undertaken at the Graz Law Faculty (Rewi Graz), while allowing a broad scholarly public to access this research at an early stage and without a paywall. The series contains legal scholarship from faculty members of Rewi Graz, its doctoral students and visiting scholars. All legal subject areas are invited to contribute, including public law, private law as well as comparative law and interdisciplinary research.

The working papers are published electronically and are freely available online.

The series is hosted on SSRN.

Jürgen Pirker, Viktoria Robertson, Barbara C. Steininger


Associate Editors
Magdalena Brugger​​​​​​​, Felix Sturm, Dirk Seybold


Working Papers

25-2021 The Foundations of Civil Liability for Industrial Pollution
by David Messner

24-2021 Data, Privacy and Competition Law
by Anne C. Witt

23-2021 Great unclear expectations: a study on the defectiveness of autonomous systems
by Cemre Polat

22-2021 The Use of the OSCE Moscow Mechanism and its Potential
by Wolfgang Benedek

21-2021 Sehnsucht nach Anerkennung - Der Exekutionstitel als Türöffner für die Mediation?
by Sascha Ferz

20-2021 The Duty to Prevent Harm in Challenging Times
by Gregor Christandl

19-2021 Der Gerichtsantrag auf Normenkontrolle gem Art. 89 Abs 2 B-VG
by Thomas Schoditsch

18-2021 Supremacy, the Uniformity of EU Law, and the Principle of Equality
by Marcus Klamert

17-2021 „Breaking the Law…!?“ Zur Rolle von Recht und Rechtsbezug in der Kulturgeschichte der steirischen Heavy Metal-Szene seit 1980
by Peter Pichler

16-2021 Zur kartellrechtlichen Erfassung von Marktmacht im digitalen Zeitalter
by Viktoria H.S.E. Robertson

15-2021 Erziehungsmacht und Staatsgewalt: Autonomie oder Intervention
by Jürgen Pirker

14-2021 Frieden im Anthropozän​
by Maximilian Lakitsch

13-2021 Daten, Demokratie und Kartellrecht – Zur Entwicklung eines evidenzbasierten Umgangs mit Demokratiedefiziten in digitalen Märkten aus kartellrechtlicher Sicht​
by Viktoria H.S.E. Robertson

12-2021 Towards Optimal Liability for Artificial Intelligence: Lessons from the European Union´s Proposals of 2020
by Stefan Heiß

11-2021 Anspruch und Wirklichkeit der Rechtswissenschaften - 21 Thesen zum Studium der Rechtswissenschaften im 21. Jahrhundert
by Christoph Bezemek

10-2021 Austrian Limited: Die Pläne zur flexiblen Kapitalgesellschaft und die Reform des Gesellschaftsrechts​
by Walter Doralt, Keyvan Rastegar, Martin Gelter, Pierre-Henri Conanc, Katharina Rastegar and Edmund Schuster

09-2021 Akademische Karrierewege Für Juristen in Deutschland und Österreich​
by Walter Doralt

08-2021 ‘The Law Works Itself Pure’ - Reflections on a Cherished Trope​
by Christoph Bezemek

07-2021 The Climate and Ecological Emergency in the Era of a State of Exceptions​
by Attila Antal

​06-2021 Taxing Profit and Consumption in Market Jurisdictions: Equity and Administrability in the Digital Era
by Stefan Hammerl and Lily Zechner

05-2021 Organhaftung und D&O-Versicherung – Jüngere Entwicklungen und aktuelle Gestaltungsfragen
by Walter Doralt

04-2021 Compulsory Vaccination and the ECtHR: What to Expect
by Anja Krasser

03-2021 Penalty Clauses in Commercial Contracts​
by Walter Doralt

02-2021 Understanding Conflicts with Religious Dimensions in their Transnational Interrelations​
by Maximilian Lakitsch

01-2021 The Relevant Market Concept in Competition Law and Its Application to Digital Markets: A Comparative Analysis of the EU, US, and Brazil​
by Magali Eben and Viktoria H.S.E. Robertson

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