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The doctoral programme “PhD Law and Politics” consists of three seminars (à 5 ECTS) and three doctoral colloquia ("DQ" à 5 ECTS). During the first two semesters, students have to attend three seminars focusing on methodological and theoretical perspectives in law and political science. Please contact the Coordinator for further information.


  1. Theories and Methods in Law
  2. Theories and Methods in Political Science
  3. Interdisciplinary Specialization in Methods of Law and Political Science

In addition to the seminars, PhD candidates have to complete three doctoral colloquia (DQ). However, it is recommended to attend the DQ every semester even if three of them have already been completed.

Please contact the Coordinator for information about DQ and seminars.

IMPORTANT: Please note that is is required to register for all courses via UNIGRAZonline within the period of registration which ends some weeks before each semester starts. 

PhD Law and Politics

Univ.-Prof. Dr.

Florian Bieber

Scientific Programme Director

Centre for Southeast European Studies
Schubertstraße 21/1, 8010 Graz


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