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Submission of the doctoral thesis

Please contact us via e-mail well in advance if you intend to submit a thesis after having read the following information.

If you have already completed all your courses, please also submit the form DOC_E03 ("Announcement of courses completed") via e-mail, at the latest when you are submitting your thesis for evaluation.

Electronic submission in detail: Submitting academic thesis in UNIGRAZonline for students - UNIGRAZonline (uni-graz.at)

The submission process is done electronically via UNIGRAZonline.  

Please read carefully all the general information about the submission of a doctoral thesis in English and also make sure to comply with all the specific formal requirements stated for your study programme before submitting. Theses will not be accepted unless all the requirements have been met. 

By law, readers are expected to assess and evaluate a doctoral thesis within four months from the date of submission. After the assessment/grade has appeared in UNIGRAZonline (green bullet next to your thesis title), you may apply for your Final Public Defence ("Rigorosum") if the grading was positive.

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