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Scholar of the Month

Mittwoch, 20.04.2022

Viktoria Robertson (Institute of Corporate and International Commercial Law)

A day without them may sometimes seem hard to bear, their easy-to-use services offer immense opportunities and their names are well known even amongst children. Online platforms like Amazon, Google or WhatsApp have become powerful players in modern life. Financially and politically, some of them may be more powerful than states. Our Scholar of the Month, Viktoria Robertson, addresses the challenges that such online giants pose to liberal democracies, digital markets or user privacy and looks into the means competition law offers to ensure that these platforms do not abuse their influence and do not harm consumers.

As online giants do not stop at borders, international cooperation is of vital importance. Which global initiatives are designed to rein in their power and what special role do Glasgow, Tel Aviv, Rio de Janeiro and Seoul play in the competition law expert’s work? Learn more in her sedcard. REWI Uni Graz never hesitates to try something new. Viktoria Robertson is a prominent example. Find out more in the short video portrait of the scholar below.

Scholar of the Month Viktoria Robertson


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