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Scholar of the Month

Freitag, 23.04.2021

Elisabeth Staudegger (Institute of the Foundations of Law)

Information and communication technologies (ICT) have made life convenient. Countless services offer great opportunities to stay in touch or up-to-date and do not even cost a cent. However, if we choose to use these services, we often “pay” with our personal data. This can be considered quite a price to pay as IT businesses have earned a fortune with this new type of “currency”. Our Scholar of the Month, Elisabeth Staudegger, looks into the question of how money generated with such data can be more fairly distributed and how the new concept of data ownership would contribute to it. In her research, the REWI professor further addresses the aspect of how fundamental rights and legal requirements can be taken into account at an early stage of IT product development, an effort which would considerably help design IT products that users can trust.

How can the regulatory legal framework ensure that we all profit from the benefits and advantages of IT/AI systems? Find out more in a short clip. What are the challenges the IT law expert is currently facing in her research and what is the Human Factor in Digital Transformation? Learn more in Elisabeth Staudegger’s sedcard.​​

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