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Scholar of the Month

Freitag, 28.05.2021

Eva Schulev-Steindl (Institute of Public Law and Political Science)

Only recently has the German Federal Constitutional Court issued a ruling that is widely considered a milestone in urging a government to take sufficient action against global warming. Ahead of the times, our Scholar of the Month Eva Schulev-Steindl focused her research on aspects addressed in this ruling and examined legal means potentially available to enforce effective state measures for climate protection. The environmental law expert and head of the Research Center for Climate Law (ClimLaw: Graz) still has her finger on the pulse of time and looks into various other currently discussed facets of climate protection law like, e.g., the aspect of how to give NGOs and citizens’ initiatives an effective voice in decisions affecting nature.

To learn more about the exciting new avenues she explores or her initiatives that even reach out to China, click here for the professor’s sedcard. And click here for a short video portrait of Eva Schulev-Steindl.

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