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Scholar of the Month

Donnerstag, 25.11.2021

Maximilian Lakitsch (Institute of the Foundations of Law)

The vision of peace in the world we live in has accompanied humankind ever since. Numerous peacebuilding missions by the international community give proof of this longing for a world with less violence and wars. However, as our Scholar of the Month, Maximilian Lakitsch, points out: most of those missions were colossal fails. The peace researcher at the Institute of the Foundations of Law analyses conflicts and peacebuilding efforts and works on strategies what we can do to do better.

So what can we do to escape an eventual dead end and what makes the Faculty of Law groundbreaking in bringing together theory and practice in the area of conflict, peace and democracy and how does this relate to regions in crisis and war? Learn more in Maximilian Lakitsch’s sedcard. Curious who our Scholar of the Month is and how philosophy and theology became the starting point for his journey to the law? Find out more in a short video portrait below.​

Scholar of the Month November

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