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Scholar of the Month

Montag, 20.12.2021

Christian Aschauer (Institute of Civil Procedure and Insolvency Law)

It might be quite astounding to hear that decisions made by private arbitration tribunals are legally binding in practically every country in the world whereas judgments issued by state courts are often difficult to enforce in other countries. This brings light to the fact that arbitration has become a vital means for settling disputes in international business relations without which world trade would probably collapse within a few months. Yet, arbitration has its strengths and weaknesses and questions how to better equip this system to meet present and future challenges arise.

Who better to look into these questions than our Scholar of the Month, Christian Aschauer. The professor of practice at the Institute of Civil Procedure and Insolvency Law is a lawyer and international arbitrator, thereby seeing good and not so good examples of this system on a daily basis. What global challenges does his research address and why are international arbitration tribunals facing an uphill battle at the moment? Find out more in Christian Aschauer’s sedcard. How did law pave the way to his international career and how do students at REWI Uni Graz profit from his experience? Find out in the video portait below.

Scholar of the Month Christian Aschauer December 2021

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