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Scholar of the Month

Freitag, 18.03.2022

Anna Anderwald (Institute of Tax and Fiscal Law)

Can taxes ensure peace? This, at first sight, quite astonishing question reveals exciting reflections on social justice and the forward-thinking approach that guides Anna Anderwald in her research. Taxes have enormous impact on society and are important means to address social imbalance. If a tax system, like the Austrian as our Scholar of the Month observed, contributes to the ever-widening gap between the wealthy and the poor, social unrest may be one of the consequences. With her work the scholar at the Institute of Tax and Fiscal Law strives to point out such developments and show fairer taxing alternatives.

What exactly makes the Austrian tax system prone to increase the gap between rich and poor and why were her studies in the US so central for her innovative approach? Find out more in Anna Anderwald’s sedcard. What does the OECD have to do with her research and how come tax law can be considered a mirror to society? The tax law expert tells us in the video portrait below.

Anna Anderwald Scholar of the Month

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