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For a Human Climate: Human Rights & Climate Law

Mittwoch, 23.11.2022

The UNI-ETC and ClimLaw: Graz Forge an Alliance

Measures to protect human rights and the climate are as much interdependent as they are paramount in humanity’s response to today’s most pressing challenges. Amid a phlegmatic global mobilization against the planet’s overheating and a struggle of the international community to uphold basic human rights guarantees, the UNI-ETC and ClimLaw: Graz entered into a cooperation agreement in November 2022. Both institutions of the University of Graz hereby seek to align their academic and societal activities to further both, the protection of the climate and of human rights.

This cooperation seeks to further and enhance the objectives of each center while simultaneously fostering greater opportunities for growth and development in their respective fields. With joint projects, improved learning capabilities and greater collaboration, this partnership will improve and advance climate law and human rights consideration within the centers themselves and the university at large.

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