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Challenge accepted.

Mittwoch, 24.08.2022

New insights and a wealth of opportunities: law:excel – our excellence programme for students

Excellence does not necessarily entail the notion of being the best, rather of bringing out the best in yourself. The faculty's excellence initiative law:excel poses this challenge that 40 of our students accepted. law:excel  is designed to give students a deeper understanding of the interrelations of the various areas of law and their effects in society. It offers three different tracks to specialise in, an international, interdisciplinary and a business law track. Track-specific courses, networking events, discussions with experts and internships provide new insights, opportunities to broaden perspectives, acquire additional (soft) skills and meet, discuss and work with practioners – an excellent preparation for future careers.

Read more about our excellence initiative in the faculty's recently published UPDATE (pages 32 and 33) and find out what six students think about the programme and its great potential. Click here for our law:excel website.

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