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Working Papers

​06-21 Taxing Profit and Consumption in Market Jurisdictions: Equity and Administrability in the Digital Era
by Stefan Hammerl, Lily Zechner

05-2021 Organhaftung und D&O-Versicherung – Jüngere Entwicklungen und aktuelle Gestaltungsfragen
by Walter Doralt

04-2021 Compulsory Vaccination and the ECtHR: What to Expect
by Anja Krasser

03-2021 Penalty Clauses in Commercial Contracts​
by Walter Doralt

02-2021 Understanding Conflicts with Religious Dimensions in their Transnational Interrelations​
by Maximilian Lakitsch

01-2021 The Relevant Market Concept in Competition Law and Its Application to Digital Markets: A Comparative Analysis of the EU, US, and Brazil​
by Magali Eben and Viktoria H.S.E. Robertson


09-2020 The Right to (Acquire?) Property: Social Security Rights before the ECtHR​
by Aistė Mickonytė

08-2020 A Deconstruction of the Jurisdiction of the CJEU in CFSP Matters – Enlightenment at the End of the Tunnel?
by Lorin-Johannes Wagner

07-2020 Globale Gerechtigkeit und kollektive Autonomie - Demokratie als Problem des Kosmopolitismus 
by Christian Hiebaum

06-2020 The Issues of Loss and Damage Within the International Climate Law
by Yvonne Karimi-Schmidt

05-2020 ​Così fan tutte: Some Comments on Austria’s Draft Communications Platforms Act
by Gregor Fischer, Matthias C. Kettemann and Felicitas Rachinger

04-2020 Wegfall der Geschäftsgrundlage
by Walter Doralt

03-2020 Von der Platzwagenlenkerin bis zur gerechten Zuteilung der Rauchwaren
by Anita Ziegerhofer

02-2020 The Role of Antitrust Authorities Regarding the Digital Economy
by Gerhard Fussenegger and Viktoria H.S.E. Robertson

01-2020 The Concept of Public Interest
by Christoph Bezemek and Tomas Dumbrovsky


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